Jason Momoa on Epic Harley-Davidson Collection

Jason Momoa on Epic Harley-Davidson Collection

Jason Momoa. To know him is to love him—and his obsession with vintage Harley-Davidson choppers. The actor has a penchant for all things that go vroom (as evidenced by his Instagram). “I hoard everything when it comes to bikes and trucks and cars,” he says in his July/August cover story.



While touring his temporary Toronto digs, and later feasting on tomahawk rib-eyes, Momoa waxed poetic on Harley-Davidson. He’s got ’36, ’37, and ’39 knuckleheads parked on the grounds. “Those are just my choppers. My other bikes are on the way here,” he admits. “I love them all—knuckles, pans, shovels. They’re all different, they all sound great, and they’re all fucking awesome.”

His infatuation isn’t singular. Momoa’s a “gas and oil guy,” he admits, while sharing a photo of an antique Land Rover he just locked down by trading for two bikes from his collection.

But there’s something to be said about the guttural sound “when you kickstart the bike and the motor growls right back at you,” he says. We agree, but times are changing and Momoa, who regularly steamrolls A-list buddies for posing with plastic single-use water bottles, is all about making choices that benefit the planet. Naturally, he’s edging into electric.

“A lot of my trucks have been converted into e-vehicles,” he says. “I run solar power, and I love Harley’s electric LiveWire. You twist the throttle and jump to 100 miles an hour in three or four seconds. It’s a whole different sport, and there ain’t nothin’ about it except—bravo!”

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