Karndean highlights nature's influence on its flooring products

Karndean highlights nature's influence on its flooring products


Dezeen promotion: luxury vinyl flooring brand Karndean has debuted a campaign underscoring how the natural world is central to its design process.

Karndean’s “design is an endless journey” philosophy explores how analysing natural materials such as stone and wood are key to designing its flooring products.

The brand’s new direction also emphasises how its partnerships with designers are important to build “healthy” spaces that enhance the quality of our indoor environment.

Karndean’s flooring design draw influences from nature

Part of this involves working collaboratively to produce and specify materials that contribute to a greener urban landscape.

Karndean’s flooring collection is designed to “push the boundaries” by discovering natural materials and the “adventure” in finding them.

“We take inspiration from the natural world to push boundaries and empower a sense of possibility,” said the brand. “We are constantly moving to make a positive impact on the world.”

Floor design
The company’s finishes are designed to evoke materials like natural wood, and stone as seen here

Karndean aims to achieve its goals by increasing its product portfolio of stone, wood and abstract vinyl flooring designs.

“Our responsibility in the commercial design chain has continued to grow and we aim to make a more positive impact on the world,” said the brand.

“At the same time, we remain committed to manufacturing stylish, durable and desirable floors.”

Floor design
Karndean frequently collaborates with designers to ensure its flooring is used sustainably

The brand aims to create flooring that emotionally engages consumers with the natural environment and strives to highlight the advantages of travelling the world for inspiration.

“Design is an endless journey of discovery,” said Fleur Carson, commercial sales director for Karndean.

“If our designs inspire a sense of belonging and emotional engagement with our environment, we will know that we have successfully contributed to a healthier world.”

More information about the brand’s philosophy and products can be found on the Karndean website.

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