Kay Burley says she was an ‘idiot’ for breach of Covid rules last year | Kay Burley

Kay Burley says she was an ‘idiot’ for breach of Covid rules last year | Kay Burley

The Sky News presenter Kay Burley has admitted she was an “idiot” for breaking Covid rules last year and that she had let herself and her viewers down.

She was taken off air for six months after hosting a birthday party in contravention of coronavirus regulations.

Burley, 60, who returned to Sky News on 7 June, told the Daily Mail: “I thought I was Covid-compliant. I wasn’t. I made a mistake. I was an idiot and I let myself and my viewers down. I’m sorry for what I did and for any heartache I caused the loyal friends with me at the time. I was appropriately sanctioned.

“I paid for my mistake, quite rightly. My viewers told me how frustrated they were with me and they were right to do so. With time, the mood music changed and my viewers wanted me back.”

Burley was taken off air in December after her birthday party in London, which was then under tier 2 restrictions. She had been part of a group that dined at two tables in one venueand then visited another before a group of four went back to her home.

Following an internal review, Sky News found that “a small number of Sky News staff attended a social event in London” where coronavirus guidelines had been breached.

“All those involved regret the incident and have apologised,” the review said. “Everyone at Sky News is expected to comply with the rules and the company takes breaches like this very seriously indeed.”

Sky’s political editor, Beth Rigby, and correspondent Inzamam Rashid were taken off air for three months.

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