Keto Hamburger Salad (Big Mac Salad) — Ditch The Carbs

Keto Hamburger Salad (Big Mac Salad) — Ditch The Carbs

Keto Hamburger Salad (known as a Big Mac Salad) lets you enjoy all the flavors of a ground beef cheeseburger from McDonald’s while keeping your low carb diet in check.

This healthy family cheeseburger meal can be quickly thrown together or made ahead for easy keto meal prep.

At only 2.2 grams of NET carbs per serving this healthy salad is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Close up picture of keto hamburger salad showing halt the plate. Another plate and a bowl of lettuce is in the background.
Keto Hamburger Salad (Big Mac Salad)

So, what’s on the menu? How about a crisp keto hamburger salad packed with ground beef burger patties, cheese, onions, tomatoes and Big Mac thousand island style dressing. Yum! It will become your new favorite burger bowl and easy dinner.

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Is hamburger salad keto?

A crisp hamburger salad is a low-carb alternative to a cheeseburger. However, not all hamburger salads are keto friendly. I made several tweaks to the creamy dressing and salad to ensure that this simple recipe is keto friendly and filling.

Plus, I offer several tips below to help you reduce the carb even further if desired. So next time you’re craving a Big Mac or a juicy cheeseburger, make this hamburger salad instead.

What’s in a Big Mac?

A Big Mac hamburger has a sesame seed bun, beef patties, cheese slices, salad, pickles, mustard, ketchup and finely sliced onion. Then there is the Big Mac Sauce®. The secret sauce.

Most of these ingredients in this famed condiment are those we choose to avoid whilst on the keto diet. Can you spot all the added sugars? I can spot sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and corn syrup to name a few.

screenshot of Big Mac Sauce ingredients
Nutritional information: McDonalds

If you choose to eat fast food and want to stay within your daily carb allowance, then you might want to only eat the burger patties, salad and cheese. But if you want the same McDonald’s taste, but not that carbs, then you can make the Big Mac cheeseburger salad recipe instead.

Salad ingredients

For this delicious salad, I used both green leaf crisp lettuce and romaine lettuce mixed in a large bowl. Green leaf lettuce is generally lower in carbs than romaine, but romaine lettuce packs more fiber. I found that a combination of both is best for allowing us to reach the desired carbohydrates to keep this salad keto.

The toppings are standard hamburger toppings with a few variations that you can read about below that help to make this keto Big Mac salad recipe.

You can use any pre shredded cheese, just check the ingredients to ensure there are no anti clumping agents or added starches such as potato flour, rice flour or wheat.

The dressing ingredients used for this salad is a combination of mayonnaise, mustard, paprika, Italian seasoning, apple cider vinegar, and water. This dressing is tangy, but this can be reduced by using less vinegar if desired. If you are looking for a spicier dressing a pinch of cayenne pepper can be added to heat things up.

All the ingredients for copycat Big Mac dressing in a jar without a lid. It is ready to be shaken up.
Keto Hamburger Salad (Big Mac Salad) dressing

More salad recipes:

Salads are such a filling meal and you can add as much protein and healthy fats as you like. These are my favourite low carb salad recipes the whole family will love.

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