Lake Tahoe Bear Pulls “YOGI” And Steals A Picnic

Lake Tahoe Bear Pulls “YOGI” And Steals A Picnic

Boo-Boo Bear

Classic Tahoe story of tourists getting the stuff ransacked because they didn’t know about the local black bear population’s insatiable taste for human food, thankfully this family of bears only ripped up a soft cooler and not a rental car. This scene took place on June 27 in South Lake Tahoe. The visitors had gone for a quick kayak, leaving their grub exposed on the beach. Cue the momma bear and three cubs. Quick slurp from the lake to wash it all down and it was a clean getaway. Remember folks, don’t leave food unattended in bear country, it can lead to habituation and thats a dark road for a bear:



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