Las Vegas deploys 5G-ready private network to help close digital divide

Las Vegas deploys 5G-ready private network to help close digital divide

Las Vegas has rolled out an LTE, 5G-ready private municipal network as part of a four-part plan to democratise access to broadband connectivity and close the digital divide for its citizens.


In partnership with Terranet Communications, a provider of customised, fully integrated LTE and 5G-ready private broadband networks, and Baicells, a manufacturer of 4G LTE and 5G near radio (NR) end-to-end solutions, the aim is to transform Las Vegas into a 5G-ready smart city.


Advanced connectivity


The companies report the new network, named Advanced Connectivity for Community and Economic Development (ACCED), was deployed in only 45 days.


Due to its success, a four-stage plan is in place to expand the wireless network across the entire city of Las Vegas and potentially neighbouring cities, with a goal of improving connectivity for other city services, including law enforcement, telehealth, and general IoT infrastructure.


City leaders tapped Terranet Communications to deploy the private network due to concern over the digital divide that many citizens and students faced as a result of the increased requirement for remote work and education caused by the onset of Covid-19.

“Democratised access to connectivity can help elevate communities through improved access to important information and services and other quality-of-life programmes that increase equal access to information and services”

At the time, upwards of 30,000 children did not have internet access and were struggling to remain connected to their schools and keep up with their classmates. Terranet and the City of Las Vegas chose Baicells’ Nova 436Q paired with indoor Atom CPEs to provide the city’s fixed-wireless LTE connections.


Terranet Communications’ private LTE, 5G-ready network was constructed for our specific requirements,” said Michael Sherwood, chief innovation officer at the City of Las Vegas.


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