Layering Watercolor for Vibrant Results: 3 In-Depth Videos

Layering Watercolor for Vibrant Results: 3 In-Depth Videos

Make vibrant, glowing paintings with Soon Warren’s techniques for layering watercolor and glazing in these three exciting video workshops.

By Scott Maier

Soon Y Warren, layering watercolor
Soon Warren teaches how to layer and glaze watercolors for transparency, reflections, form and color in her Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Glass video workshop.

Explore these most-watched videos from one of our most popular artists, Soon Warren, in her Vibrant Watercolor Techniques series! You’ll learn methods for drawing and masking, creating gradual layers of local color over an underpainting, color mixing, brushwork, edge control, shape making, and more. Use these techniques to paint delicate, vibrant, and beautiful flowers in her “Painting Flowers” video. Then create realistic sparkles and intricate details in “Painting Glass.” Finally, tackle even more complex subjects in “Glazing & Reflections.”  

1. Build Delicate Color and Bold Reflections

Paint this composition of brilliant flowers in glass using Soon’s easy-to-follow glazing techniques! From drawing and masking to underpainting and gradual layers of color, your painting will bloom right before your eyes! You’ll learn why value and color are key to developing a realistic flower painting, as well as techniques for color mixing, brushwork, and more. Take control of your watercolor techniques to create delicate petals, detailed shadows, and bold reflections as you watch “VIbrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Flowers.”  

2. Layer Watercolor for the Sparkle of Glass

In “Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Glass,” Soon shares her step-by-step process to create a dramatic image of cherries in a glass bowl. Learn how to paint the sparkle and intricacies of glass using simple watercolor techniques. Create rich and vibrant colors by layering watercolor, controlling the water and pigments, and using brushwork for details. As you paint this image of reflective glass and deeply colored fruits, you’ll be amazed by what you can do with these layering techniques.

3. Use Glazing for Reflections and Shine

Paint shiny, colorful glass marbles? In “Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Glazing and Reflections,” you’ll learn how! After drawing and masking, learn Soon’s method for a flat underpainting. Then layer watercolor gradually, letting each glaze of color dry in between. Learn techniques for color mixing, wet-into-wet painting, and troubleshooting. Working with glazes from lights to mid-tones to deep darks, you’ll create realistic shine and reflections.

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