LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale—what’s in store?

LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale—what’s in store?

Looking for the latest and best TV that adheres to your living space and needs? Then LG’s 2021 release might be just the thing. This luxury TV provides an immersive viewing and listening experience and discreetly rolls away when not in use. Discover how this gadget works and its offerings in today’s blog.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED R rollable TV is impressive, to say the least. It adheres to your living space and boasts three heights—one for stowing away the screen, the second for switching to a half-view, and the third for a maximum 65-inch viewing experience. Not only do these three options let you adhere the content to your space and discretely roll away the TV when not in use, but LG’s rollable TV also boasts another unique concept: it has a Dolby Atmos sound system.


Transform your space with three heights and modes

When we think of buying a TV, many of us don’t contemplate on its design or interface when not in use. But the LG SIGNATURE OLED R rollable TV boasts an ultra-thin screen that transforms from a high-resolution TV to a state-of-the-art sound system. This is all possible with OLED’s self-lit pixel technology.

The official names for the three heights are Zero View, Line View, and Full View, Line View. Let’s take a look at what each view offers.

Zero View: Enjoy Dolby Atmos speakers

Zero View lets you enjoy a rich, optimized sound from a remarkable Dolby Atmos sound system with powerful 100W 4.2-inch speakers. All the while, the screen disappears without a trace, leaving behind a beautiful piece of art that elevates your space.

LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale—what’s in store?
LG’s rollable TV: Zero View mode

Line View: Personalize your living space

Additionally, Line View simplifies your living space with a minimal, stylish mode that displays everything you need: music, clock, frame, mood lighting and sounds, or a home dashboard. In particular, mood lighting and sounds plays soothing audio and images such as campfire, wind, or rain. So you can get a moment’s peace. Frame is another nice touch that converts pictures in your smartphone into black-and-white slideshows for a personalized touch in your home. Or for a simpler interface, opt for the clock setting to display essential information, such as the time, date, and a weather report.

LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale—what’s in store?
LG’s rollable TV: Line View mode

Full View: Relish in OLED pixels and sharp images

To maximize LG’s rollable TV’s potential, switch to Full View. This mode elevates the TV from a chic speaker to a premium TV that fully rolls out to deliver sharp OLED pixels. Furthermore, LG ThinQ provides a simple command of virtual assistants with natural voice recognition for easy control and convenience. Contrary to LED TVs, LG’s rollable TV features self-luminous display technology to showcase sharper pictures.

LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale—what’s in store?
LG’s rollable TV: Full View mode

LG hasn’t announced a price for this rollable TV, but you can visit their official website to inquire to buy this unique TV. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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