Linux to host open source solution to aid firefighter safety

Linux to host open source solution to aid firefighter safety

The Linux Foundation has announced it will host Pyrrha to help accelerate the development and deployment of firefighter safety technology around the world.


Created and contributed by Prometeo Platform, named winner of the 2019 Call for Code global challenge, the technology has been further developed with updated hardware and enhanced software through work with the IBM volunteer service corps and ecosystem partners.


Accelerate innovation


Through the Pyrrha open source project, Prometeo, the Linux Foundation, and IBM aim to accelerate innovation around firefighter health monitoring and safety. By partnering with companies from the Call for Code ecosystem like Samsung, the goal is to customise and scale the solution around the world in an effort to help save lives.


According to Centre for Climate Energy Solutions (C2ES), climate change has created more dangerous conditions for firefighters by increasing the risk and extent of wildfires around the world. From Australia’s 2020 brushfires to record-breaking wildfires in Spain and the Western United States, fires in recent years have increased in number, severity, and destruction, while posing greater immediate and long-term health risks to firefighters who battle these blazes.


Meanwhile, Cal Fire reports California is already experiencing a 26 per cent increase in 2021 wildfire activity and a 58 per cent increase in acres burned compared to 2020.

“Samsung and IBM have collaborated for many years to create industry leading technologies that solve challenging societal and business problems. Now we’re excited to work together to advance tech for good and help combat the effects of climate change,” said KC Choi, executive vice president of Samsung B2B Mobile.


“As a huge proponent of open source technology, we see Call for Code as a unique opportunity to deploy real world solutions based on open source technologies. We’re excited to be able to equip award-winning teams like Prometeo with resources to strengthen [its] solution as it is actively tested, deployed, and now made available in open source. We also look forward to increasing our own participation in Call for Code.”

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