Liuzzi on his F1 career and Italian GP preview

Liuzzi on his F1 career and Italian GP preview

The former Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Force India and HRT driver made five starts in his home Grand Prix in a career that spanned the 2005 to 2011 seasons.

A driver whose F1 career is filled with ‘what-if’ stories, Liuzzi often found himself in the right place at the wrong time, but talks candidly about his time as team-mate to David Coulthard and Sebastian Vettel, his struggles with F1 politics and difficulties getting to grips with the f-duct in 2010.

Now an FIA steward, Liuzzi remains involved in F1 to this day and provides a rare insight behind-the-scenes discussions that take place when drivers are summoned for on-track indiscretions.

Speaking with Autosport Plus editor James Newbold and F1 editor Jonathan Noble, Liuzzi also shares stories of his best lap at Monza, racing in front of his home crowd and gives his take on the dramatic 2011 start crash that eliminated Nico Rosberg.

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