Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards are unique

Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards are unique

Jazz up your next party with an eco-friendly cheese board that boasts a unique design. The Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards feature a sustainable epoxy material. Each is hand-poured, so they are unique works of art. Get all your guests talking when you serve your charcuterie on these beautiful boards.

Make your Friday night wine and cheese ritual more of an event with the Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards. These wood and epoxy cheese boards come in a range of one-of-a-kind designs and color combinations. And for the hardwood base, you have the option of either Acacia or Maple. Appetizer nights are always fun, but yours can be more elegant with this beautiful serving ware.

If you love having friends over for food-inspired parties, the Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards are a must-have addition to your China closet. These artistic cheese boards boast incredible color combinations that look celestial or like glittery waves of ocean water. They come in small, medium, and large sizes, and you can choose either a rectangular or round paddle shape. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Choose eco-friendly epoxy

The creators of these unique wood epoxy cheese boards were inspired by a new product called UVPoxy when they created their line. This plant-based epoxy features recycled products that include palm oil, soybean oil, and cashew nutshells. The product is eco-friendly and incredibly beautiful. So this family-based business decided to combine it with Canadian maple hardwood. The result is a remarkable line of serving ware.

Lynn Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards
Lynn & Liana Serveware in Blue

Make something old useful again

Thanks to their eco-friendly epoxy, the Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards use materials that otherwise would have gone to waste. It’s a concept the company is passionate about and is a driving force behind their creativity. Even better, it’s something you can feel good about, too. When you use these epoxy wood cheese boards, you’ll know that you’re using a product that’s kind to the environment.

ynn Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards
Lynn & Liana Serveware in Red

Select either Acacia or Maple hardwood

As any interior designer will tell you, hardwood adds a warm, natural element to any space. And, with the Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards, you get the choice of either Acacia or Maple hardwood as a base. So, when you present these cheese boards at your next party or fill it with snacks for a romantic night in with your spouse, you’ll bring nature indoors and set a comforting atmosphere.

Go for handcrafted designs

When you invite people over, you want to impress your guests right down to your serving plates. It says you’ve put thought into your evening together and gives them something lovely to look at while they mingle. These wood epoxy cheese boards help you do just that. Each of the boards is a hand-poured, unique work of art. No one will have the same Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Board as you. And the hand-crafted designs are sure to start some conversations.

Choose your custom color for these artistic cheese boards

We mentioned that these wood epoxy cheese boards are unique works of art. That’s because hand-pouring the color creates a different effect each time. There’s a slew of color combinations to choose from, including Navy, White, Metallic, Black, White, Gold, Teal, White, Gold, and many others. So you’re sure to get a show-stopping creation that fits right into your home.

Get an elegant cheese board in a size that fits your needs

Whether you prefer small, intimate gatherings or huge neighborhood bashes, there’s a Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Board that suits your taste. These cheese boards come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The small size is great for one to three people, while the extra-large size is ideal for crowds of six to eight. That way, no matter the size of your get-together, you can add flair to the way you serve snacks.

Have a serving board that’s beautifully shaped

Another great feature of the Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards is its shape options. With these wood epoxy cheese boards, you get the option for a classic, rectangular wood shape. Or, if you like your dishware to veer on the creative side, there’s a round, paddle-shaped option. The choice is yours.

Engrave these wood cheese boards

The Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards make great housewarming or bridal shower gifts. And, even better you can commemorate your friend’s special day by engraving the date or a text of your choice into the wood. That way, your friend will always have a beautiful memento of her special day and of your friendship.

The Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards add character to your snack spreads. And, with their eco-friendly material, gorgeous hardwood, and unique design, they’re sure to get all of your friends talking and breaking the ice. They make great gifts and are a lovely addition to your entertaining swag.

The Lynn & Liana Serveware Wood Cheese Boards typically cost $79.95. You can currently get it for $20 off the regular price on the official website. What party gadgets and accessories do you love? Let us know in the comments.

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