Make Art That Evokes Emotion! Three Essential Videos

Make Art That Evokes Emotion! Three Essential Videos

Bring out mood and drama and find the flow in your work with techniques from Gordon MacKenzie, Gigi Chen, and Jean Haines!

By Scott Maier

Find the flow with “Watercolor Mindfulness” with Jean Haines

Turn a simple composition into something extraordinary! Start your journey to make art that evokes emotion with Gordon MacKenzie’s workshop, “Watercolorist’s Essential Workshop: Atmosphere & Drama.” Learn how he uses composition and color to increase emotional impact. Then, join artist Gigi Chen in “Using Color to Create Mood,” as she demonstrates the power of color by painting the same scene twice with a different palette! 

Sometimes painting isn’t so much about the finished product, but how it makes you feel. Complete your journey with the classic “Watercolor Mindfulness,” with Jean Haines. She’ll show you how to embrace the sheer joy of the medium and paint the day’s stress away! 

1. Add Drama to Simple Compositions

Add drama and mood to any painting with Gordon MacKenzie’s techniques and tips! In his video workshop “Watercolorist’s Essential Workshop: Atmosphere and Drama,” you’ll learn to apply masking and use glazing for dramatic touches. As you work on two watercolor paintings, you’ll discover multiple ways to create fog for even more atmosphere. From bright sparkling water to dramatic darks, make art that evokes emotion in all your paintings!

2. Contrast Warm and Cool Palettes

Can color alone change the mood of a painting for art that evokes emotion? In Gigi Chen’s “Using Color to Create Mood” video workshop, the answer is yes! Learn to transfer a drawing from your sketchbook and make two identical line drawings. Then follow as Gigi paints an interior scene in a warm color palette using watercolor pencils and pan watercolors. Learn which color is perfect for bridging the gap between warm and cool. Then paint the same scene in a cool color palette for a real-life experience of how color influences mood.

3. Go With the Flow!

Painting in watercolor can calm you when you’re overworked or energize you when you’re tired, just through the joy of watching color flow over paper! In “Watercolor Mindfulness,” Jean Haines demonstrates how to paint the essence of a subject while staying relaxed and loose, never concentrating too hard. Learn to add instant sunshine, create patterns, and appreciate what Jean calls “happy accidents.” Paint away your stress, make art that evokes emotion, and have more wonderful moments when a painting seems to paint itself!

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