Mama Bear Climbs Basketball Hoop In New Jersey

Mama Bear Climbs Basketball Hoop In New Jersey

There are black bears in New Jersey… believe it or not.

This particular mama bear climbed a basketball hoop in Sussex County, NJ to shake a bird feeder hanging from the basketball hoop’s rim. Kind of a weird sentence to read, isn’t it?

Isn’t it kind of sad that the bird feeder is hanging from a basketball hoop? Must be some empty nest parents who couldn’t think of a better place to hang a bird feeder than the abandoned basketball hoop their sons and daughters haven’t used in years. 🤣

Who would have thought that a basketball hoop would turn into a climbing post for a wild black bear?

“Occurred on approximately May 2021 / Sussex County, New Jersey, USA Momma bear climbing basketball hoop and shaking bird seed out for her and her cubs.” 

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