Marvell Studio // Harley Graham Architects

Marvell Studio // Harley Graham Architects


Text description provided by the architects.

Marvell Studio is an additional chapter to HGA’s exploration into the ‘Garden Studio Typology’. This ongoing discourse expands on ways to address the need for increased urban density by the re-imagining of the quarter acre block. Whilst the desire for the ‘house and garden’ typology is a part of the quintessential suburban dream, the reality of escalating house pricing, aging populations and sub-urban sprawl requires architects to think about a diverse array of solutions.

Marvell Studio, a granny flat for the clients parents, addresses the left over space in the garden by providing an auxiliary space to the lawn enabling a seamless connection between external areas in the existing home, lawns and the garden areas by maintaining a mutable threshold with a wide open corner.

The studio provides amenity to these areas by providing a externally accessible toilet, outdoor shower, basin and storage in addition to being an ‘operable pergola’ itself. In contrast to this flexibility, the bedroom uses a concealable door to partition off a private realm as a bedroom and ensuite. The Studio’s form adopts a mid-century influence to compliment the existing Paul Uhlmann dwelling, and is shaped to function effectively in a subtropical climate.Team: Harley Graham & Hayley PryorEngineers: Lucena – Dougal MayBuilder: J BuildsPhotographer: Peter TanevskiPhotographer: Andy Macpherson.

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