Melbourne Covid restrictions: new Victoria coronavirus rules explained | Victoria

Melbourne Covid restrictions: new Victoria coronavirus rules explained | Victoria

The Victorian deputy premier, James Merlino, has announced the resumption of some coronavirus restrictions in response to a five-case cluster in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Four members of the same family from the Whittlesea local government area tested positive to Covid-19 on Monday, 24 May, and a close contact of one of those cases also tested positive.

The five cases have been linked back through genomic testing to a man who tested positive to Covid-19 in Victoria after undergoing hotel quarantine in South Australia, who is believed to have acquired the virus in quarantine.

Merlino said the restrictions would give contact tracers the chance to track down the virus before it spreads further. He also urged anyone eligible for the current phases of the vaccine – everyone over the age of 50 as well as people who work in certain critical industries or have co-morbidities – to get a vaccine.

“There are millions of Victorians eligible to be vaccinated,” he said. “People should not wait. We note that the path through this pandemic is the successful rollout of the Commonwealth’s vaccine program and is an alternative quarantine hub, but there are things that people can do right now.”

That includes following the new restrictions, he said.

From 6pm Tuesday, 25 May, the following rules apply to greater Melbourne:

When can I leave my house?

No restriction on leaving your home.

How far can I travel from home?

No restriction on travel, aside from state border closures. But rules in place in greater Melbourne will travel with Melbournians – meaning that if you leave the city, you still have to follow the rules.

What are the rules for exercise?

No restriction on exercise.

What are the rules for wearing face masks?

People must wear a mask indoors or when unable to socially distance outdoors. Exemptions for children younger than 12, and medical categories. This rule applies to greater Melbourne only, but follows Melbournians when they leave the city – a person from Melbourne must wear a mask indoors in a regional area.

Can I have visitors to my house?

Up to five within a 24 hour period from any number of households (infants under 12 months not included). This rule applies to greater Melbourne only. It also applies to people from greater Melbourne when they leave the city.

What about public gatherings?

Up to 30 people from any number of households (infants under 12 months not included). Again, greater Melbourne only but the rule travels.

What is happening with schools?

Schools will remain open but masks must be worn by teachers and staff at primary schools, and teachers, staff, and students at high schools.

Can I dine in at a restaurant or cafe?

Yes, there is no change to density requirements. Further easing of restrictions, slated for 28 May, has been paused.

Are the shops open?

No change to shops but masks must be worn indoors.

What about weddings, funerals and religious services?

Weddings and funerals held on private premises will have to comply with rules on public gatherings – so no more than five people indoors and 30 outdoors. If it is at a venue such as a function centre, no change to density rules.

What about heading back to the office?

No change to density rules but masks must be worn indoors.

  • Due to the unprecedented and ongoing nature of the coronavirus outbreak, this article is regularly updated to ensure it reflects the current situation at the date of publication. Any significant corrections made to this or previous versions of the article will continue to be footnoted in line with Guardian editorial policy.

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