Meteorologists Puzzled By “Basketball-Sized” Hail

Meteorologists Puzzled By “Basketball-Sized” Hail

We’ve seen feet of hail bury a town in Mexico, but experts are puzzled by a basketball-sized chunk of ice that smashed through the roof of a Wisconsin home on Tuesday morning.

A large hail stone went through the roof of a home near Elk Mound, Wis. on Tuesday, May 25,...

A local meteorologist doesn’t believe the ice chunk was a hailstone because they typically form in circles and do not reach the size of chunk of ice in question.

Here are my theories:

  1. The ice chunk fell off a plane passing overhead.
  2. Aliens are somehow involved. It’s 2021, baby.
  3. Some yahoo in Minneapolis was testing their ‘ice chunk artillery cannon’ and accidentally shot it too far.

Can some nerdy mathematician tell me the odds of a basketball-sized ice chunk smashing into your bedroom?

I might need to change my home insurance plan…

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