Mikaela Mayer: There is an assumption that not having kids or being married is a sacrifice | Boxing News

Mikaela Mayer: There is an assumption that not having kids or being married is a sacrifice | Boxing News

Mikaela Mayer has spoken about the “sacrifice” that female athletes make with having a family – and why pursuing a career instead should not be viewed negatively.

The undefeated WBO super-featherweight champion from America puts her belt on the line against Erica Farias on Sunday morning from 3am, live on Sky Sports, on Naoya Inoue’s undercard.

She explained her view on what “society” tells females to do: “It is weird to think I’m making a sacrifice.

“It’s a fair question because there is a biological clock.

“Society says we must find a mate, get married, have kids.

“There is an assumption that not having kids or being married is a sacrifice.

“I just think it’s funny to call it a sacrifice to pursue your dreams and a career in your 20s.

“It’s way too premature – in your 20s you are still a kid, still figuring out the world. You need to enjoy your life.

“This is just my personal take on it.

Mayer outclassed Joseph
Mayer is unbeaten in 14

“Some people think I am sacrificing having a boyfriend, husband, kids. I think that having kids in your 20s is sacrificing.

“You can do both. But it’s extremely hard because you can’t be as selfish. To me, that is sacrifice.

“I love my life, it’s awesome, I have fun, I have a career, I travel the world. I’m not missing out on anything.”

Is Terri Harper in her sights?

Mayer’s rival champions in the same division are Terri Harper (WBC), Hyun Mi Choi (WBA) and Maiva Hamadouche (IBF).

Harper recently withdrew from a unification fight with Choi due to an injured hand.

HANDOUT PICTURE COMPLIMENTS OF MATCHROOM BOXING.Terri Harper vs Katharina Thanderz, WBC and IBO World Super Featherweight Title fight..14 November 2020.Picture By Mark Robinson.
Terri Harper is WBC super-featherweight champion

“That wasn’t as easy a fight as everybody thought,” Mayer told Sky Sports. “It would have been a close fight.

“Choi isn’t technically sound but does let her hands go. There would be a lot of punches exchanged.

“Terri is a little stronger and could land the right shots but they would really go at it in a close, exciting fight.”

Former US Olympian Mayer believes Harper is trying to gain valuable experience before they meet in the ring.

“That’s what she has been doing since she became champion,” Mayer said.

“[Promoter Eddie Hearn] knows Terri isn’t as experienced as a world champion should be.

Mayer vs Brodnicka
Mayer ended Ewa Brodnicka’s undefeated reign

“Before throwing her in with the cream of the crop, she needs more rounds. She is still young. It’s the right move, a smart idea.

“I’m not holding my breath. It’s clear they will wait for Terri to heal up then give her Choi.

“I won’t sit around and wait, I will stay active.”

Mayer expects a different world title unification fight later this year: “I was told Maiva Hamadouche wanted to fight. She said she was available for June 19 but then started training for the Olympic qualifiers!

“We wanted that fight. I still believe it will happen but, first, I’ve got to get through Farias.

“Farias is a former world champion who has fought Delfine Persoon, Cecilia Braekhus and Jessica McCaskill twice.”

Watch pound-for-pound star and fearsome puncher Naoya Inoue against Michael Dasmarinas in a world title fight from Las Vegas on Sunday at 3am, live on Sky Sports.

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