Mobile electric vehicle charging rolls out in Moscow

Mobile electric vehicle charging rolls out in Moscow

Electric vehicles (EV) charger manufactuer L-Charge has rolled out a mobile service on the streets of Moscow to provide on-demand charging.


There are also plans to deploy similar mobile units in Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam and London. L-Charge reckons it takes eight minutes to charge an electric car to a range of 100km.


Mini power station


In a recent presentation, the company said there are already a number of companies in the world offering the opportunity to summon an electric car charger, but the chargers all operate on the power bank principle and themselves need to be recharged. It claims its service differs in that it is a mobile mini power station which itself generates energy, stores it and enables other vehicles to recharge without needing to be connected to the grid.


The energy is generated from liquefied natural gas, but the option to switch to hydrogen is already in place.


“Around 90 per cent of atmospheric pollution in Moscow is caused by vehicles, and Moscow is a leader in the development of public transport,” said Dmitry Lashin, CEO of L-Charge. “To significantly reduce hazardous emissions, private and commercial vehicles must be switched to electricity.

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