Montana Meteorologist Has 60 Month Ski Streak (Started 2016)

Montana Meteorologist Has 60 Month Ski Streak (Started 2016)

chief meteorologist

Who better to track snow and ski every month for 60 months straight than a real deal meteorologist. Meet Curtis Grevenitz, KTHV Helena’s chief meteorologist, who started his streak way back during the 2016 Labor Day weekend when an early season snow blanketed Showdown Resort near Neihart. A picture of the early fall powder landed him on national news and his multi-year mission was christened. There have been rough patches during his streak including when he skied on one leg as he recovered from a torn Achilles tendon but there’s no end in sight for Curtis and his 4 legged ski buddy. Keep it up dude!

Here’s a clip he posted today of skiing in August:

How’d you like to see this on your morning news. MINT.


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