Mountain Biker Artfully Descends Heart Pumping UK Ridgeline

Mountain Biker Artfully Descends Heart Pumping UK Ridgeline

“This is probably the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen Gee do on a bike, absolutely on the very edge of what’s possible.” – Dan Atherton

Hypnotic video of a supreme mountain bike operator, Gee Atherton. Gee had been eyeing this grassy ridge line running down a 2,185ft summit above Dyfi Bike Park in the UK for a while before deciding to make a go of it:

“I’ve always wanted to film here, it’s so incredibly exposed and totally unique but it’s not a fun place to ride, its terrifying!”

Flanked by fallaway no fall zones, this heart pumping run requires speed, precision and almost zero room for error. Such a pleasure to see a true expert at the pinnacle of his game:

“As soon as you land you have to take off again, the next gap is on you within a split second and they’re all monsters.” –Gee Atherton

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