Mountain Lion Found Under Deck In Central Denver Metro Area

Mountain Lion Found Under Deck In Central Denver Metro Area

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A 2 year old 60lbs female mountain lion was relocated in Colorado after being found under the deck of a home in the central part of the Denver metro area. The resident there said their house cat was acting skittish about going outside and when they investigated whether something was out there they spotted the animal under the deck and contacted authorities.

CBS Denver reports wildlife officers tranquilized the animal found at the home located at East Oxford Avenue and South Broadway in Englewood on Thursday night and released it in an unpopulated part of Douglas County Friday morning.CPW

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says they got a recent “credible” report of a mountain lion traveling far from the foothills into the city on Tuesday. Someone said they spotted one near the intersection of Mineral Avenue and Quebec Street (about 10 miles from the Englewood home where the lion tranquilized Thursday night).

“It is possible it could be from the same mountain lion, which may have navigated northwest up Willow Creek and Little Dry Creek and into Englewood, but there is no way of definitively knowing that is the case.” -CPW Spokesman Jason Clay

Big cats prowling the streets of Denver sounds like an urban myth but apparently not. Yikes.

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