Next Dungeons & Dragons/Magic The Gathering Crossover Revealed

Next Dungeons & Dragons/Magic The Gathering Crossover Revealed

A group of young wizards practice magic in the cover for the next Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook, Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos.

School’s now in session for your D&D group.
Image: Magali Villeneuve/Wizards of the Coast

Want to trade out delving dungeons for magic class, wizarding sports, and intra-faction rivalries by snotty schoolkids made all the more snottier by the fact they have the power to throw a fireball at you? Well, good news: Dungeons & Dragons is packing its school bag and popping over to the world of Magic: The Gathering again later this year.

Following in the wake of the sourcebook that brought Magic’s techno-spellpunk realm of Ravnica to the Fifth Edition, Wizards of the Coast has revealed that two of its most beloved fantasy worlds are crossing over again with Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos. Based on the recent Magic card set, the book lets players explore the titular university and the different schools of spell-slinging that make up its student body.

But while the release won’t hit shelves until much later this year, eager D&D fans can already get a taste of what to expect in A Curriculum of Chaos with the release of the “Mages of Strixhaven” rules through Wizard’s testing ground for new rules and character classes in D&D, Unearthed Arcana. Typically, Unearthed Arcana’s pilot program for rules and classes usually leads to those rules being adapted into upcoming releases. But this is the first time Wizards has specifically revealed a new D&D sourcebook concurrently with releasing sample rules for players to try out.

You’ll have plenty of time to test being a mage at one of the five colleges of Strixhaven, however: A Curriculum of Chaos is currently set to release November 16.

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