Njori Tempo smart cooker streamlines your cooking time

Njori Tempo smart cooker streamlines your cooking time

Want to streamline your cooking? The Njori Tempo can help. This intelligent cooktop lets you sous vide, slow cook, deep fry, maintain pan temperatures, and more all in a small form factor. That way, you don’t have to waste prime cupboard real estate on bulky, one-use appliances. Check out this blog post to see how this gadget can make your cooking so much easier.

Manage your time better while you cook with the Njori Tempo smart cooker. This intelligent cooker actually measures, monitors, and regulates the temperature and weight of your food. That way, you can focus on creating those beautiful flavors instead of stressing over ingredient ratios.

You love experimenting with new flavors and cooking techniques, but dragging out the right equipment—your digital scale, slow cooker, sous vide machine, etc.,—from your kitchen closet is a whole procedure. Well, now you can actually avoid that with the Njori Tempo. This induction cooktop takes up minimal space in your cupboard, combines many single-use kitchen gadgets, and provides several cooking techniques. Let’s have a look at it.

Njori Tempo smart cooker
Njori Tempo with accessories

Get precise temperature control

While gas stoves let you control heat output, they don’t maintain your pan at a specific temperature. This intelligent cooker, on the other hand, has a direct contact temperature sensor that constantly monitors the pan temperature while you cook. This helps the Njori Tempo regulate the power and keep your pan at the preset temperature. It’s ideal for recipes like candy or stews where you want to keep the food at a consistent temperature.

Njori Tempo smart cooker
Njori Tempo on a bookshelf

Check out the sous vide, slow cook, and deep-frying modes

If your slow cooker, deep fryer, and sous vide machine see a lot of use, you’re going to love the Njori Tempo’s key techniques. These preset modes work with temperature probes to help you execute some of the most challenging recipes out there.

Njori Tempo in a video

The sous vide mode creates melt-in-your-mouth texture

A decade ago, sous vide was a cooking technique that was limited to professional kitchens. Now that it’s more mainstream, home cooks can also achieve melt-in-your-mouth short ribs and duck filets. And, with the Njori Tempo’s sous vide mode, the process is so much easier. The included water circulator and probe turn your pan into a water bath for gentle cooking.

The deep fry mode keeps a steady temperature

You won’t have to invest in a deep fryer to make beignets to accompany your coffee thanks to this intelligent cooker’s deep-fry mode. This mode also uses the probe accessory and is simple to attach to the side of your pan. While you place cold ingredients into the pan, the probe automatically corrects the temperature.

The slow cooker mode gives you comforting flavor

Slow cookers help you make warming stews and chilis. Yet, the traditional slow cooker takes up a ton of space in your kitchen closet. But when you set the Njori Tempo in slow cook mode, you simply choose one of the pots you already have and set the cooker in slow cook mode. You can even put the probe in a piece of meat and set it to your preferred temperature to ensure doneness.

Weigh your ingredients with the integrated scales

You get more precise measurements when you calculate your ingredients’ weight instead of their volume. Luckily, this intelligent cooker comes with built-in scales that weigh your ingredients before and during cooking. This function even lets you reduce your food by weight, which adds a thicker consistency to sauces. Then, the gadget portions the final creation.

Have instant control with this smart cooktop

Best of all, the Njori Tempo gives you instant control over pan temperature thanks to the magnetic dial. It operates the contact temperature sensor in the center of the glass and is patent-pending. It even has a button that makes it easier to select modes. That’s right, you can set the temperature of your cooktop just as you can with your oven with this induction cooker.

Store this smart cooker easily in your cupboard

Unlike most kitchen gadgets out there, this intelligent cooker saves you space. Its slim, compact design fits on your bookshelf next to your cookbooks and it easy to transport. You know that feeling of dread you get when you know you have to extract your rice cooker from the top of the pantry? You won’t get it with this smart cooker. The cables and accessories also stow away neatly in the cork base. And that’s held closed by powerful magnets.

Enjoy pro-level cooking accessories

The Njori Tempo comes with everything you need to cook like your favorite chefs. The accessories include a direct contact temperature sensor, weight sensors, a temperature probe, circulator, magnetic control dial, power cable, and probe holder. With this collection, you’ll have whatever you need for exactly what you want to cook. And even better, you’ll save yourself valuable time and cupboard space.

The Njori Tempo is a practical, stylish cooking gadget that lets you maintain a precise pan temperature and perform several cooking techniques in a small form factor. It’s the ideal way to sous vide, deep fry, slow cook, and more. If you want to make your time in the kitchen more efficient, yet still get artistic results, this is the smart living gadget for you.

The Njori Tempo smart cooker typically costs $565.11. You can preorder it on Kickstarter for $451.80. What are your favorite cooking gadgets? Let us know about your product discoveries in the comments.

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