On Air Warning! automatic status light prevents #ZoomFails

On Air Warning! automatic status light prevents #ZoomFails

Did your roommate walk in during your Zoom call wearing his pajamas again? Prevent that from happening with the On Air Warning! automatic status light. It’s just like those on-air signs radio stations use. Only this one displays your mic, camera, and meeting status. And it’s easy to use. Check it out in this blog post.

Keep tabs on the status of your mic and camera with the On Air Warning! automatic status light. This meeting indicator light lets you and—those around you—know when you’re in a meeting, and your mic and camera are on. If you work from home, you might have run into this scenario: you’re on an impromptu call with your remote team when your spouse walks into the room. He casually asks what you want to eat for dinner while your team is talking about sales targets. And you’re pretty sure everyone heard him.

The trouble is that it looked like you were just staring at the computer screen with your headphones on to your spouse. Tech can be so limited sometimes. Or is it? In this situation, a gadget like the On Air Warning! really could have helped.

Inspired by the on-air indicator lights you find at radio and news broadcast stations, the On Air Warning! is an oval-shaped light you can attach to your laptop screen, monitor, tripod, and more. It’s double sided, so both you and your housemates can see if you’re in a meeting. It has three indicator lights: one for the mic, another for the camera, and an ‘on air’ light to signal that you’re in a meeting. Best of all, this gadget works on both Mac and Windows computers and is compatible with the Zoom and Teams platforms. Let’s learn more about it.

On Air Warning! in a video

This on-air indicator light is easy to use

The concept behind this meeting indicator light is pretty simple. The lights go on when you’re in a meeting and when your camera and mic are on. When everything is mute, the lights turn off. So it gives you and the people around you a simple way to understand if you can or can’t be disturbed. And when you’re in a Zoom meeting but your mic and camera aren’t on, only the ‘on air’ portion of the light will illuminate. This lets people around you know when they can ask you a quick question while you’re in a meeting.

This useful meeting indicator light shows you when your camera is on and your mic is hot Air Warning automatic status light
On Air Warning! with a laptop

Choose your setup with flexible mounting options

We mentioned earlier that you aren’t stuck with just one setup option with the On Air Warning!. You can clip it to your laptop, desk or shelf, monitor, or tripod. It works with just about any kind of laptop and most monitors. Just clip it to the top of your screen for front-and-center visibility. Otherwise, place it on a desk or shelf—because sometimes those are the most visible locations. And, if you’re a vlogger, you’re going to love the tripod option because even content creators don’t want to be caught on camera unaware.

This useful meeting indicator light shows you when your camera is on and your mic is hot Air Warning automatic status light
On Air Warning! lit up

Customize your colors

You can even put your personal touch on this meeting indicator light. That’s because it lets you choose from eight different colors for each indicator light. So you could choose green for the mic, yellow for ‘on air,’ and blue for the camera lights. It’s a nice feature to play with. Or, if your company has branded colors, you could select those colors to coordinate.

Use this automatic meeting light at the office

The On Air Warning! isn’t just for work-from-homers. It’s also pretty useful at a traditional office. Because you don’t just have meetings with the people in your immediate vicinity. Calls with clients, distributors, factories, and colleagues in other cities or countries can also happen online at the office. With a meeting indicator light like the On Air Warning! everyone at the office will know you’re having an important call and can’t be disturbed.

Know when you’re broadcasting at school

The On Air Warning! is also helpful for remote learning. Whether you’re a student learning at home or a teacher conducting a lesson at school, this useful meeting indicator light lets everyone see when the camera and microphone are broadcasting. That way, students get a clear visual of when their teacher can hear and see them and vice versa.

Prevent videoconferencing mishaps

#ZoomFails happen all too often. You can prevent them when you have an eye on the status of your mic and camera. The On Air Warning!’s lights are easy to see since they are double sided and give you and others a quick, immediate way to see when you’re in a meeting, and what kind of meeting it is. If you consistently work, learn, teach, or chat with friends and family online, the On Air Warning! can really eliminate those embarrassing Zoom mishaps.

The On Air Warning! automatic status light is a must-have workspace gadget if you work from home, attend classes online, or talk via Zoom or Teams frequently. The double-sided lights are easy to see and give you specific indications about the status of your camera, mic, and meeting. That way, you can avoid uncomfortable run ins between your personal life and your professional one. And when you have that under control, you’ll smash those remote team meetings.

You can preorder your On Air Warning! for $45 on Kickstarter. What gadgets do you use for a flawless Zoom or Teams meeting? Let us know about them in the comments.

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