Pet Cat Lost In National Park For 49 Days Reunited With Family

Pet Cat Lost In National Park For 49 Days Reunited With Family

A pet cat named Draco was reunited with his family after being lost in Canada’s Jasper National Park for a whomping 49 days.

According to an article from the CBC, Edmonton couple, Alix Jena Lizaire and Jean-François Lizaire had plenty of experience hiking with their two cats, Draco and Sirius. In fact, the two felines are Insta-famous. On August 19, Draco was walking on his leash when he was spooked by hikers carrying a canoe. The cat slipped out of his harness and disappeared. After ten hours of searching, the couple gave up their search and put out a reward for anyone who could catch the kitty.

Miraculously, after 49 days of searching, the cat was trapped. While trapping is not allowed in Canadian national parks, an exception was made for this case. Good samaritan Owain Thomas said he hiked over 300-kilometers tracking Draco. He declined the reward from the owners.

It is pretty amazing the cat was able to survive the cold September and early October Canadian nights. That is not to mention the predators who might have enjoyed eating Draco. According to the report, he survived by catching mice. It is a good reminder that even domesticated animals still retain elements of their animal instinct.

Images From: Sirius and Draco Instagram Page

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