Pilot project aims to increase safety for shared scooters

Pilot project aims to increase safety for shared scooters

Irish smart scooter technology company Luna has teamed with JumpWatts with the aim of combining teleoperation and computer vision technology to improve the safety and operational efficiency of shared electric scooter fleets.


The companies are planning to work together on a pilot project in the Smart DCU (Dublin City University) campus in Dublin.


Wrong location


The partnership aims to provide a solution to the escalating global problem of e-scooters being in the wrong location relative to user demand and cluttering footpaths, leading to inconvenience and hazards – particularly for wheelchair users and the visually impaired.


JumpWatts, a Los Angeles-based micromobility teleoperations start-up, has created “Virtual Valet”, a suite of technologies that allows any e-scooter to right itself if tipped-over, remotely re-position itself to a designated parking zone, and be summoned by riders to a specific location.


Luna provides computer vision solutions to shared micromobility operators, to tackle the issues associated with e-scooter rental schemes, such as footpath/sidewalk riding, pedestrian collision, and improper parking.


Through the combination of both companies’ technologies in this pilot project, the partners envisage that the adoption of shared e-scooter schemes will accelerate greatly by solving key safety and governance issues being identified by city authorities across the globe.

“The micromobility space is ripe for innovations that not only improve the bottom line for fleet operators, but also create a better experience for users and municipalities”

JumpWatts claims its teleoperation and autonomous technology, combined with Luna’s vision technology, will make fleet operations much more cost-effective for operators and will make dockless micromobility much more attractive to cities.


“We are very excited to announce our collaboration with JumpWatts. We are both working towards similar goals of addressing safety solutions for electric scooters and we believe that together we can accelerate our companies’ joint objectives,” said Andrew Fleury, co-founder and CEO, Luna.

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