Play Stack Shenyang // CLOU architects

Play Stack Shenyang // CLOU architects


Text description provided by the architects.

The Play Stack is a four-storey community mall located in the Hunnan District of Shenyang. Working with Vanke, CLOU designed the Play Stack with a strong community vibe by offering a place to inspire quality time with friends and family. The Play Stack is conceived as a high-quality space within walking distance for people to meet and socialise.

Terraced volumes and connecting staircases are threaded into a continuous exterior path which leads to a large rooftop. Seeking to appeal to children and their families, the interior design features abstracted images of planets and space travel to encourage exploration. The design of the atrium space plays with optical illusions by projecting parts of circular shapes on atrium galleries, walls and ceilings, distinguishing them with colour and timber finishes.

The scattered shapes form perfect circles from specific viewpoints. Customers are engaged in discovering these viewpoints and capturing their experience on their camera phone.

Play Stack Shenyang Gallery

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