Plint light by Massimo Colagrande for Nemo Lighting

Plint light by Massimo Colagrande for Nemo Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: an alternative to conventional spotlights, the Plint lamp by Massimo Colagrande for Nemo Lighting has a sculptural form and doesn’t require installation.

Developed based on Nemo’s experience in museum projects, the Plint accent light illuminates architectural elements or art pieces in the home without the need for a ceiling track.

Plint light by Massimo Colagrande for Nemo Lighting illuminating a painting
The Plint light is informed by Nemo’s museum experience but intended for the home

Instead, Plint is mobile and flexible — it can illuminate items from below or from a nearby supporting surface, and it can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

The design is sculptural, with the the adjustable spotlight contained between two matt black aluminium panels.

Plint light by Massimo Colagrande for Nemo Lighting
The light has a sculptural form that can be placed on any surface

The high-performance LED spotlight has two colour temperatures, and the light beam can be adjusted through the onboard zoom.

“Plint is a product capable of making the technical light source silent and discreet, a sculptural parallelepiped whose composition is inspired by abstract neoplastic forms,” said Colagrande.

The light is available to purchase via Nemo’s newly launched e-commerce platform Nemo Unique.

Product: Plint
Designer: Massimo Colagrande
Brand: Nemo Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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