Powerful Rockslide Captured In North Cascades

Powerful Rockslide Captured In North Cascades

May be an image of lake and nature

Two hikers were traveling to The Enchantments on Aasgard Pass near Leavenworth, WA when they spotted an absolutely massive rock slide unfurling in front of their very eyes.

A report from King County Search and Rescue suggests that some of the boulders falling in this slide are the size of a small vehicle. Crazy!

Video & Image Credit: Facebook/ Guido Davico

No injuries were reported related to the incident, but the bystanders were extremely lucky to be standing on the opposite side of the lake from this slide.

Rock slides of this magnitude are rarely seen so kudos to them for filming it, but do us all a favor and film the next major natural phenomena you witness in landscape mode? Please? 😉

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