Probiotic Retention Enema | Listen To Your Gut

Probiotic Retention Enema | Listen To Your Gut

Question: Hi. I tried to do the retention enema described in Listen to your Colon, and it was disastrous! This was a few weeks ago. I warmed the water to 90 degrees but could not get all the lumps out. I had called Natren and was told not to warm it more, and not to shake it but just stir it. Well, first I tried just putting it in a 10 oz bulb syringe, but it was too thick to go through the attachment, then I transferred it to an enema bucket, but it was too thick to go through the tubing, and also it could not all get in the tube anyway because the bucket cannot be completely drained. (Btw, I cannot tolerate those orange plastic enema bags, and I use all silicone tubing, and my bulb syringe also was white and non-smelly.)

I want to try again but I need more tips please! I know adding water will thin it but then may not make it possible to retain the fluid. In others’ experiences, how warm can the water be?

Answer: Different people’s bodies like different things. You could try it at room temperature and see if you tolerate that better. But you can’t go higher than body temperature and usually hotter liquids are harder to retain anyway.

Rather than adding more water to thin it, I would use the amount of liquid you think you can tolerate, and then reduce the probiotic amounts accordingly. Even 1/4 tsp of each probiotic would be a good start! Think of it this way: ANY probiotics you can get your colon to retain are better than none. So don’t be impatient with your body and go slowly, giving it time to adjust to this new procedure.

Here’s how you mix the probiotics in the filtered water to ensure no lumps:

1. Put 1-2 tbsp of water in a glass.

2. Add your probiotics and mix with a spoon to form a smooth paste – crushing lumps against the side of the glass and squashing them smooth.

3. Then add 2 more tbsp. of water and mix again until dissolved and smooth.

4. Add the rest of your water and mix again until smooth.

5. If you need to go slowly and take a while to get all the mixture into your colon; then shake or squish the enema bag around from time to time to keep the powders from settling on the bottom.

The Best Enema Bag?

An enema bucket is not really the best system for this type of application, since you cannot mix the probiotics as you administer them (by squishing or massaging the enema bag). I have found the best enema bag to use is this disposable enema bag (and it is white/clear and has no nasty rubber smell either). Although this is a disposable enema bag, you can actually wash it in hot soapy water, then rinse it in hot water, and re-use it multiple times.

The tip on this disposable enema bag is also much thinner than the tip on non-disposable enema bags – so it is ideal for those with a sensitive, inflamed, or wounded rectum. It is also ideal for children or babies. This is the enema bag I use on myself when needed.

Hope that helps and if anyone has any further questions, please post them in the COMMENTS section below…

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