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Roly-Poly Cotto // studioVASE – Architizer Journal


Text description provided by the architects.

This project that involves and intervenes in all parts from naming, spatial planning and design, styling, product design, and even graphic design. Initial requested space was planned to sell curry and ramen on an area of about 265m2, and 80 pyeong, but was expanded to about 310 pyeong by suggesting the possibility of expansion through using remaining space.

The simple composition just selling ramen and curry made us to expect serving as a symbolic space that would give a complex function on the expanded space and make consumers impress the brand’s new image.

However, it needed a metaphorical interpretation that could appeal to young generation while avoiding the brand’s direct expression.The key to the design is to combine the gardens hidden in two existing buildings into one, to secure the widest area in whole space, and to provide a medium. The scattered six spaces formed a relationship through this garden to perform each function.

7 spaces divided in the order of cave, cube, slope, shade, garden, hall, and sala, have different roles and heights, and provide various sequences.The main material of the space is red brick. The red brick is a material that contains universality and persistence and builds the structures with gathering small cells.

The bricks, which are built with about 100,000 blocks, are like the conservative nature of materials that has kept over the years, and the meaning of the corporate spirit which has developed steadily. The various construction methods and patterns of the bricks are performance that overcomes conservatism. Moreover, the yellow is the symbolic color of the Ottogi.
The yellow gives a completely different feeling depending on the color, brightness, chroma, area of use, so we decided not to insist on brand’s symbolic color but to focus on delivering the image of the color..

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