Roots rugs by Inma Bermúdez for Gan

Roots rugs by Inma Bermúdez for Gan

Dezeen Showroom: Inma Bermúdez has designed Gan‘s Roots collection, a series of jute and cotton rugs in ode to the designer’s Mediterranean heritage.

The Roots collection features four different styles of flat-woven rugs, each made with jute fibres as the weft and cotton as the warp.

Roots rug by Inma Bermudez for Gan
Gan’s Roots rugs are made of jute and cotton

The rugs have a richly textured look highlighting subtle differences in material and colour, with hues ranging from beige to ochre and brown.

Bermúdez made the collection to honour her own Mediterranean roots and those of the Gan brand. Both are based in Spain.

Roots rug by Inma Bermudez for Gan
All feature a variation on a square pattern

Each of the four models features a pattern of square shapes that repeat at different scales and rhythms to give them their unique character. The rugs are available in four sizes ranging from 96 by 144 centimetres to 240 by 288 centimetres.

All are made by hand in India and the collection also includes two stools woven from the same materials.

Product: Roots
Designer: Inma Bermúdez
Brand: Gan
Contact: [email protected]

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