Saddleback Ski Resort in Maine Building New Mountain Biking Network

Saddleback Ski Resort in Maine Building New Mountain Biking Network

“We’re starting something BIG! We’ve been getting lots of questions about mountain biking at Saddleback. Here’s where we are at! Trail crews have been working on a mountain bike trail system focusing on trails throughout the South Branch terrain, which will tie into the condo areas.”

Great news for all you mountain bike riders in the great state of Maine…Saddleback Mountain announced today they are currently constructing a mountain bike trail system. There will be four beginner and intermediate runs(with advanced progression-based features) and two advanced runs. They are in the process of preparing and gutting the trails, but there is no word on when it will be opening to the general public.

After being closed since 2015, the Arctaris Impact Fund purchased the mountain in January of 2020. For their first winter back in operation, Saddleback replaced their old double lift out of the base with a high-speed quad, removed two other decaying lifts, and renovated the base lodge. This offseason, Saddleback is planning on adding a mid-mountain lodge, new lifts, more base lodge dining offerings, and growing their amount of snowmaking and grooming equipment. For their first summer that they’ve been open in over half a decade, Saddleback will have hiking, guided tours, and open restaurants at the resort. The local Rangeley area also has a load of activities, which include hiking, kayaking, swimming, golfing, fishing, and birding.

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