Saweetie’s Easy Skincare and Nail Routine

Saweetie’s Easy Skincare and Nail Routine

If you had to choose three favorite products from your collab with SinfulColors, what would they be?

I definitely love my Boss Up Claws in Totally Tortoise—the black-and-caramel print is just really cute. It’s sassy but still subtle, and it will easily match with a lot of outfits. That actually segues into my very favorite, which is the Essenchills Nail Polish in Coffee Drip ($2). It goes with everything, it looks really good on my skin tone, and the coffee scent makes it smell amazing. Hmm, and then for a third favorite, it’s really tough. I would say the Essenchills Nail Polish in Low-Key Lavender ($2) because it’s soothing and I work so much. Haha, If I need quick stress relief I can just smell my nails!

In addition to nails, do you have any “guilty pleasure” beauty practices or products?

Oh my gosh, girl… I mean, this is nasty, but I like cleaning out my own whiteheads and blackheads. I have this amazing tool that’s shaped like a hook that really helps get everything out, so that’s definitely a guilty pleasure. 

Oh gosh, I do the same thing. It’s gross but so satisfying.

So satisfying!

Is there anything else about your beauty routine that would surprise people?

Well, I use at least four to five products every single time I wash my face. Let me see… I use micellar water, facial cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, and face lotion. So that’s about six different things. I love stacking things on top of each other. So I do use quite a few products on my face.

What’s your Unfiltered beauty philosophy in seven words or less?

Okay [laughs], this is more than seven words, but… Wash your face and brush your teeth before you go to sleep!

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