Seoul to introduce safety insurance for tourists using e-bikes and e-scooters

Seoul to introduce safety insurance for tourists using e-bikes and e-scooters

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Organisation is launching a safety insurance for electric bikes and scooters for tourists.


Seoul hopes the service will enhance the image of Seoul as a smart tourist city while ensuring the safety of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Seoul.


Smart tourism


In a statement, SMG said Seoul’s Personal Mobility Sharing Service Safety Insurance guarantees the safety of both service users and providers that sell personal mobility (PM) sharing services for Korean and international tourists.


Such a scheme came after the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s expectation that domestic and foreign tourists’ use of personal mobility sharing services will increase rapidly as the introduction of smart technology in the tourism sector has been accelerating.

“The launch of this insurance is the city’s leading effort to solve the safety issue that has been pointed out as a major weakness of the PM sharing service”

The city plans to take preemptive action by launching the PM sharing service safety insurance. As long as a PM-sharing service provider has signed up for the insurance, both domestic and international tourists using the service can easily apply for the insurance through the PM sharing service mobile application on their smartphones.


To this end, the city will develop a computing system to apply to the PM sharing service application. Any start-up that provides PM sharing service in Seoul can sign up for the insurance through the Travel Insurance Centre. They can contact the centre’s website or by phone for more information.

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