Skier Sends Pinball Alley at Crystal In Sketchy Conditions

Skier Sends Pinball Alley at Crystal In Sketchy Conditions

Sometimes… you just gotta send it for the boys.

This skier had less than ideal conditions on Pinball Alley at Crystal Mountain Resort, but decided to send the wind-scoured line anyways, and has the video to prove the size of his big ol’ balls.

The video might not seem as impressive until you pay close attention to the snow conditions he’s riding on. That’s the definition of gnarly, if you ask me.

Good on him for playing it safe in the conditions and making it down safely. I’m sure he would have preferred waist-deep powder, but he made the most of it.

Video uploaded by Scott Harder:

A must do for every accomplished skier who visits Crystal Mountain. A short hike off Chair 6 will take you into the Crystal Southback Backcountry where this majestic mountain offers dozens of sustained and aesthetic lines that drop you almost 1000′ back to the base of Chair 6.”

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