Supercars fans vote against paddle shift

Supercars fans vote against paddle shift

The Walkinshaw Andretti United co-owner started a Twitter poll in response to’s report that Supercars will move to an Auto Gear Shift system as part of its Gen3 rules.

The poll asked, “who wants Supercars to introduce paddle shift for Gen3?”

More than 2000 fans responded to the question, 80.6 per cent voting no while 19.4 per cent voted yes.

Switching to AGS paves the way for both paddles and auto-blip to be introduced should the series decide to head in that direction.

However it’s yet to make a firm commitment, with plans to test both a stick shift and paddles using the AGS during the prototype testing phase.

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The majority of the drivers are against paddles and auto-blip, arguing that it will make the cars too easy, and therefore less rewarding, to drive.

Race winner Nick Percat is also concerned that it could be detrimental to the sport, with follow-the-leader racing coming from a lack of creative options for drivers under brakes.

Supercars, however, argues that measures such as paddles and auto-blip will save teams money as they limit wear-and-tear on gearboxes on engines from over-revs.

The existing Xtrac sequential gearbox can be adapted to use AGS, which limits, but doesn’t eliminate, changeover costs.


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