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The Last Volcano on the East Coast ls In Virginia (Erupted 47 Million Years Ago)

“The surrounding rock dates back 450 million years, the rock found on Mole Hill is just 48 million years old.” Nice little geology lesson highlighting a little know extinct volcano in Virginia...

Airbnb’s Newest Listing Sits Amidst 80 Volcanoes

The chance to spend a night sleeping a stone’s throw away from a volcano, much less 80 volcanoes, isn’t something many experience. But, thanks to Volvic and Airbnb, you have a...

Heat Wave Snowmelt Causes River Levels Rise Near Mt. Rainier National Park

“Events like this are going to be more common as climate change sets in. So you’re going to have more intense storms, more intense heat waves, that’s going to cause more...

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