Shelf.io closes huge $52.5M Series B after posting 4x ARR growth in the last year – TechCrunch

Covering public companies can be a bit of a drag. They grow some modest amount each year, and their constituent analysts pester them with questions about gross margin expansion and sales...

Great Question gets $2.5M seed round to make customer research easier – TechCrunch

Great Question’s user dashboard Customer research is invaluable for software companies, but there are many obstacles, like finding the right group of people to survey. Great Question wants to make building and...

Rootly nabs $3.2M seed to build SRE incident management solution inside Slack – TechCrunch

As companies look for ways to respond to incidents in their complex micro services-driven software stacks, SREs or site reliability engineers are left to deal with the issues involved in making...

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