Take a look at the coolest cryptocurrency accessories of 2021 to keep your crypto secure » Gadget Flow

Take a look at the coolest cryptocurrency accessories of 2021 to keep your crypto secure » Gadget Flow

Cryptocurrency wallets provide a digital solution to managing your crypto assets. These wallets allow you to spend, receive, and trade Bitcoin and other types of currencies. But not all digital wallets are alike, as standard ones support only a single cryptocurrency whereas others can provide multiasset solutions. In today’s Daily Digest, we’re presenting you with the best wallets available right now.

Cryptocurrency wallets store public and private keys, not blockchain assets. Unique to your individual cryptocurrency wallet, private keys are similar to a PIN code for your bank card. These keys provide ownership of your cryptocurrencies, which is why it’s essential that you have secure cryptocurrency gadgets you can trust.

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When looking for a cryptocurrency wallet or accessory, it’s essential that it allows you to store private keys. But, most importantly, it should put security and privacy at the forefront of its purpose. In fact, these security measures should allow only owners of the blockchain assets to access these wallets. That’s why we’re showing you the most secure, durable, and user-friendly wallets available in 2021.

1. The OPOLO high-security crypto wallet features a slim design that’s easy to use, so you can keep your bank with you everywhere.

The OPOLO high-security crypto wallet boasts a secure design thanks to its high-security-certified chip with an EAL6+ rating. It also features a 3.2-inch touchscreen display to make it easy to enter your password, passphrase, and address.

Order yours for €199.

2. Designed with Trezor firmware, the GRAY CORAZON crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet is safe and secure to use.

Remain in complete control of your digital assets with the GRAY CORAZON crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet. This gadget acts as a password manager for your digital accounts and uses U2F hardware to help with authentication requests. Moreover, it sports a durable titanium body.

Order your cryptocurrency wallet for $599.

3. Keep your cryptocurrency secure with the Ledger Nano X Bluetooth wallet. It’s one of the best cryptocurrency gadgets.

Mobile friendly and Bluetooth enabled, the Ledger Nano X Bluetooth wallet isn’t like traditional cryptocurrency gadgets. In fact, it allows you to handle your cryptocurrency on the go rather than feel chained to a desk. Additionally, it can store apps for up to 100 crypto assets.

Get yours from the official Ledger website for $119.

4. Keep your top-secret recovery phrases safe with the Stronghodl. This cryptocurrency accessory is also fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof.

Stronghodl cryptocurrency accessory

The best part about the Stronghodl is that it’s highly durable and can withstand virtually any external disaster that it encounters. Moreover, this accessory comes with more than 300 letter tiles to write your password. So it’ll enhance your security, enabling only you to access your cryptocurrency.

Order your cryptocurrency accessory for $74.77.

5. The Trezor One connects to your computer or smartphone via Micro USB and weighs only 12 grams.

Available in white or black, Trezor One is secure and leaves behind viruses and keyloggers. Above all, you can forget about executing regular backups, reading encryption manuals, and making offline storage. Finally, this accessory supports over 10 coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Get yours from Trezor’s official website for $60.

6. Secure, manage, and grow your crypto assets with the Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware.

Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware

The Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware keeps your crypto assets in one place so you’re completely in control of them. Best of all, this cryptocurrency gadget supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, and more. 

Purchase yours for $59.

7. Keep your cryptocurrency protected with the KeepKey Bitcoin wallet. It can store your private keys offline and help with financial freedom.

Best of all, the KeepKey Bitcoin wallet will safeguard your assets from hackers. Furthermore, its large display provides excellent clarity, and each transaction has to be manually approved using the confirmation button. This provides more control and visibility over your transactions.

Order your Bitcoin wallet for $49.

Which of the above cryptocurrency gadgets stands out to you? Let us know your thoughts, along with any other recommendations, in the comments.

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