The 10 Best Eye Shadow Primers for Perfect Makeup

The 10 Best Eye Shadow Primers for Perfect Makeup

So, you’ve finally found the perfect eye shadow palette with the pigmented, sultry colors you’ve always wanted in your arsenal. You’ve got a brush and a vision, and all the time and patience in the world to slay your eye shadow look to perfection. You’ve deep-dived into Jackie Aina’s YouTube channel to perfect your technique, but still, you just can’t get it quite right. Something is still missing.

We’ve stood in your shoes many times, dear reader. And as much as we resisted it, the fact remains that flawless eye shadow application hinges on one often-overlooked product: eye shadow primer. Swiping this cream over your lids might feel like an unnecessary step, but if smooth, even shadow that lasts all day is your goal, you simply can’t skip it. Yes, there is a world that exists where you can apply a flawless eye shadow look that will last for hours! 

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