The 20 Best Summer Skirts to Wear for Hot Weather

The 20 Best Summer Skirts to Wear for Hot Weather

Can you think of an easier summer outfit idea than a T-shirt and skirt? We cannot, and so we’re doing a story about it. We’re guessing that you already own plenty of plain T-shirts, so the focus here is on the bottom half. Truth be told, most skirts go with T-shirts, but there are some styles that are just superior. 

Since spring hasn’t exactly been filled with the vacations and alfresco meals we were all looking forward to, it’s time to jump ahead and think about what to wear this summer, when we can hopefully safely venture out a little more. We have a strong hunch that everyone will continue to prioritize comfort but may want to shed the sweatsuits in favor of something a little breezier. Know where we’re going with this? The perfect outfit to transition to is a T-shirt and skirt. Below, you’ll find 20 excellent skirts to wear with tees, divided into five categories for easy navigating. (For the record, we’re not opposed in the least to wearing a skirt and T-shirt at home right now, either.)

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