The 22 Best Graduation Dresses and How to Style Them

The 22 Best Graduation Dresses and How to Style Them

Graduation is a time of hope, optimism, possibilities, and, most of all, celebration. After a year like 2020, we all deserve to do some celebrating—especially graduates who made it through months of remote learning and Zoom classes. Since it’s been a while since I graduated myself, I was curious about what Gen Z will be wearing to their ceremonies, given that fashion has changed, and we’re all starting to reemerge after the pandemic and go big after living in sweats for months. Plus, Gen Z has a way of putting together insanely cool outfits and embracing trends in the most unique ways, so graduation will likely be no different. 

I decided to go straight to the source and find out what graduates are really wearing this year. It seems that people are gravitating toward dresses that are less formal and more fun, dresses that reflect their personal style, make a bold statement, and celebrate the milestone of closing one chapter and starting a new one. Below, hear what graduates have to say about their outfit choices and shop the best graduation dresses if you’re still on the hunt. 

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