The 23 Best Hair and Makeup Products for Humidity

The 23 Best Hair and Makeup Products for Humidity

When most people I’ve encountered in my life think of Minnesota (where I was born and grew up), they typically bring up at least one of the following almost immediately: the Mall of America, the many, many lakes, the accent (if someone asks me to say “bag” one more time, I swear to God), the Vikings and how fantastically consistent they are at losing, or the subzero winter temperatures that will quite literally freeze your eyelashes should you choose to go outside (just don’t). Of course, the latter is quite true and I never recommend someone visit my home state in the wintertime if they’re squeamish about the cold or snow, but what most people don’t realize is how entirely lovely, albeit humid, the state is once summer rolls around. 

Growing up, I never really thought twice about the humidity (which sits at an average of 70.4% and ranks 25th highest in the nation), but it’s something I’ve become keenly aware of after moving to the lovely land of Los Angeles (a state that ranks 43rd in humidity, with a significantly lower average at 61%).

Of course, you’re probably wondering what the heck all of this has to do with literally anything, but don’t worry, hang tight. After becoming super comfy with my new comparably non-humid environment, you can imagine how shocking my recent July 4th-timed trip to Austin, Texas was. Not only were the temperatures in the mid-90s the temperatures also had the humidity levels to match. If you’ve never been or need a comparison, you basically feel like you’re being slapped by a steam-enhanced sauna anytime you step outside. 

As one might imagine, the stash of beauty products I packed—all of which are far more accustomed to the drier heat of California and Arizona (where my parents live most of the year)—fell pretty darn flat, both literally and figuratively. Which got me thinking, what products would have the gusto to stand up to the hottest and most humid climates without immediately inducing fuzzy hair, Slip ‘N Slide shine, and other telltale visible signs of a muggy climate? To get some expert-vetted recs, I reached out to some of the best hairstylists and makeup artists in the business who regularly prep themselves and/or their clients in any and every type of locale and weather forecast. Curious to see their arsenal of humidity-proof standbys? Keep scrolling!

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