The 28 Best Casual Red Dresses Under $100

The 28 Best Casual Red Dresses Under $100

The youthful energy of summer always makes me want to branch out from my usual neutral color palette. There’s something about a pop of color on a hot day that just feels right, you know? Not only do they brighten your mood, but bold colors also perfectly complement a fresh tan. This summer, I’m gravitating toward shades of red in particular because I feel like red is one of those colors that look great on everyone. Every hair color and every skin tone seems to stand out in a red dress.

I’m not the only one into red right now. One scroll through your favorite retailer will present a slew of red dress options of all fabrics and silhouettes. Since nothing screams summer like a red dress and white sneakers, I figured I’d share my favorite under-$100 finds here. From wine-colored floral prints to ruby maxis and cherry minis, below are the best casual red dresses under $100. 

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