The 33 Best Patchwork Dresses on the Internet

The 33 Best Patchwork Dresses on the Internet

Items that were once considered to be “grandma” have had a major resurgence over the last few seasons. Crochet pieces, printed scarves, pearls, and sunglasses chains are some of 2021’s biggest trends, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down.  Even “grandpa” trends are getting in on the action, with pieces like Hawaiian shirts and vests having their own fashion renaissance.

While I’m here for all of these, there’s one trend in particular that stands out to me as a personal favorite: patchwork. Once reserved for quilts, this pattern is absolutely everywhere right now. Designers are presenting so many unique options it’s hard to choose just one. Since I can’t be the only one currently scouring the internet for patchwork dresses, I made a list of the best 34 I’ve seen thus far. Keep reading to see and shop the 34 patchwork dresses guaranteed to get compliments.  

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