The 35 Coolest Chanel Bags We’ve Ever Seen

The 35 Coolest Chanel Bags We’ve Ever Seen

Buying a Chanel bag is a big deal. It’s an investment that one typically plans on keeping for a lifetime. Because of that, people always tend to go with a neutral color in a classic shape. Is that the smart choice? Yes, of course. However, it so often blinds us to the multitude of jaw-dropping styles that exist. As a fashion editor, I have naturally seen my fair share of stunning Chanel bags over the years, but it wasn’t until recently when I was browsing the site for a story that I came across this bag right here and it stopped me in my tracks. I then took it upon myself to scroll through every single Chanel bag on the site and was blown away by all of the noteworthy handbags I had never seen before. 

In case you were curious about what I stumbled upon, I rounded up all of the Chanel handbags I can confidently say are the coolest I’ve ever seen. Featuring an array of new styles from currently available and a wide variety of vintage treasures as well, I can promise you that the selection ahead is one you’ll never forget. And if you end up blowing your life savings on a few, don’t blame me. 

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