The 5 Best Investment Handbags an Expert Recommends

The 5 Best Investment Handbags an Expert Recommends

If you love gorgeous accessories (like me), you’re going to be quite intrigued by what’s coming your way. Yep, I’m here to talk about my favorite subject, handbags. Specifically, I chatted with Lara Osborn, senior procurement director at luxury resale brand Fashionphile, to uncover what she thinks are the top silhouettes of the season. Given that it’s her job to more or less be a handbag expert, she seemed like the perfect person to ask about trending styles.

The bag trends in question are not only It bags by Osborn’s definition, but they are also favorites because shoppers are gravitating toward these specific investment-worthy styles at Fashionphile. These are the front-runners and the styles people are engaging with the most right now. I’m talking about items like statement-making, colorful finds and sleek logo picks.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out a few of the best summer 2021 handbag trends along with insider tips from Osborn. There’s also visual inspiration, complete with pre-owned shopping picks from Fashionphile if you’re looking for a designer investment piece. There are other chic options sprinkled throughout as well.

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