The 8 Best Tops to Wear With Leggings

The 8 Best Tops to Wear With Leggings

There’s no question I’m spending a lot of time in my leggings these days given that we’re still currently working at home. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and the perfect option for working, lounging, Netflixing, running after my toddler, and attempting to do more activities in the great outdoors.

So today, I wanted to take take a deeper dive into the best tops to wear with them. Below, I’m sharing some of the coolest silhouettes that pair particularly well with your hardworking staple. From sporty sweatshirts to chic oversize button-downs, they’ll unquestionably keep our leggings looking elevated and chic. And because we’re being more conscious of where and how we’re spending right now, we’ve kept all our picks under $100. Read on for some fashion-forward legging-and-top pairings that just might inspire your next outfit.

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