The Best 30 Summer Fashion Finds at Nordstrom

The Best 30 Summer Fashion Finds at Nordstrom

There are perks to being an editor, sure, but the truth is I’m faced with so much shopping temptation on the daily that I have to get creative (aka thrifty) when building my wardrobe. I’ve basically become BFFs with the high-low mix: For every occasional splurge, I offset it with a handful of more affordable buys. I swear this logic makes total sense in my head.

Nordstrom gets it. I’m certain that’s why it’s always well-stocked with five-star gems, from $395 sandals that go with essentially everything to $20 tanks that are perfect for layering. With all of that in mind, I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the spendy finds and sartorial steals I have stashed in my cart for summer. Consider it your own handy guide to all the very good things you can buy now to enjoy all through the sunny season (and well beyond, too).

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